The Anatomy of a Winning Trade: GMCR

GMCR is a big winner for Trade Report members, posting a 5% gain ($1440) in only 3 days.  We stalked GMCR in the Trade Report Focus List as it broke out and proceeded to form a post breakout trading range.  Winners were alerted of the setup in real time for both entry and exits.  Take a look at the annotated chart for specifics about this trade.

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GMCR Trade a

Paul Singh Administrator

2 thoughts on “The Anatomy of a Winning Trade: GMCR”

  1. Paul,
    Would you have considered entering the stock on Jun 5th? (Day before the $10 gain). Because SMA20 caught up with the stock offering a good support level.


  2. I actually entered the stock on that day, at the end; however, I believe Paul felt that it was too volatile to enter on that day given the big up and back down motion


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