Market faded towards the end of the day and we ended the session with red on the charts. That makes 5 down days in a row for the $spy. It has been a somewhat orderly pullback so far that we are seeing. There have still been plenty of plays to take and we have been killing it in the bulls room. We are having a record breaking week so far this week with $1473 in gains today and $7617 total for the week.

If your interested in tryout out the bulls room, send me an email and I will set you up with a 2 week free trial.

Also, our 16 day bootcamp is an awesome place to start if you are wanting to get into daytrading. Learn how to make a great living daytrading with a great group of peers. The course lasts 60 days and is full of top- notch information that will help you to become a successful daytrader. Send me an email if you want some more details on this.

EOPN- potential bounce play

GALT- bounce play

KFY- bull flag

KNDI- parabolic short if market rolls over

UEPS- bull flag setup

YGE- bull flag

JCP- rubberband snapback




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