Huge gap up in the markets today. The morning gap was right into a major resistance area and therefore the markets faded most of the day. On days like this, its best for daytraders to focus on earnings and news movers in the morning rather than chasing the gap up. We did just that and had nice trades in $omer. Low float breakouts are one of our favorite types of play at bulls. They are powerful setups that can really bank you huge percentage wins in one day if you play them correctly.

We ended the day with $1425 in gains today!  Check out all of our trades below and come join us in the room. If you would like to try us out for 2 weeks.. send me an email and I will get you set up.

Check out our trade on $omer today below. We sold off this stock for an $840 gain.



Here are a few stocks that I am watching for tomorrow:


OMER- second day play

ZNGA- flagging above support.

DANG- flagging above support. on watch for flag breakout

SOHU- possible second day play. right at breakout spot

PETX- possible parabolic short. watch for weakness

HWAY- potential bounce play



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