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Short List 4/28

  Here is a screen of some of the weakest stocks in the market. Troubling volume patterns that are about to break down.  Take the tickers in here paste it into a watchlist if we need it…we will short this […]

strong stocks with volume 4/28

   After days when market dips…I like to runs scans that look for stocks that had a nice move couple with increasded volume.   Here is a scan for 4% moves yesterday with a nice increase in its Relative Volume […]

4/27/Watchlist kunal00


New Swing Setups from 4/26/2010 Scans

Here are a few newbies to my swing watch list

Oil Sands are awake!

I have been heavily invested in oil and gas longer than I can remember.

4/23/2010 watchlist

Keep these on tap they are ready…                                  

Breakout Stocks 4/22/2010

  The market is gapping down a tad if it regains strength after the open  these are some of the stocks I expect to breakout   reits are still catching a bid   me likes   RAS pretty strong stock..I […]

Sectors and Stocks Watch List for 4/21/2010

Hre are a few stocks and sectors worth watching tomorrow.

4/20/2010 Watchlist

    Today was a grind grind out day.  Lot of stocks that normally would have broken out for big 10-20% gains ended up petering out after 5% gains.  When you get  a choppy market like that you got to […]

What I’m Watching Monday Morning

After a weekend to absord the GS news, how will the market react? I’m not sure, so I’ll be sitting on the sidelines as the market opens.

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