Bulls on Wall Street: Stop Guessing. Start Trading.

Trade for Yourself and Win

Many years ago I worked closely with this loser broker when I held a position in a tech fund. He constantly tried to give me investment advice while I was running my own plays. I always wondered why the guy who was trying to give me investment advice was wearing a fake Tag and I was wearing a Patek.

GAMEPLAN-Mid Day update

Early AM: Many of you must be wondering what my gameplan is………ABSOLUTELY nothing. I got nothing to do today except count my winnings for the last month as I guzzle dark black vats of coffee and laugh at people on […]

Get Some Perspective

Thanks to all of you who sent the great letters and comments I received this week on the stocks. I had some great picks no doubt, probably too many to list.. but it’s time for a little something different. Believe it or not I have a grasp on reality, although my sense of humor may not…

Some Weekend Reading from the Brown Brad Pitt

Some Weekend Reading from the Brown Brad Pitt

Here come the monkeys…….

Here come the monkeys…….

A Very Expensive Education

I actually started trading stocks while I was in high school, and when I was 17 I founded an interesting company using my credit card to inject seed capital.  A year later I installed a live “star data” connection in my office, it […]

Say Hello to @kunal00!

Say Hello to @kunal00!

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