Bulls on Wall Street: Stop Guessing. Start Trading.

5/28/2010 gameplan

afdfasdfda    We easily took out the first level of overhead resistance at S&P 1090 this morning and then made a big move back to the 200 day moving average. In doing so, we partially filled last week’s gap, broke […]

News analysis on NEP

Well guys, the good news is we’re still here!

5/27 MidDay update

      We are right under resistance….lets see if this afternoon we can make a push through.  on 60minute timeframes the markets have broken loose.    If downside protection is needed a short on the $spy or using $sds […]

5/27/2010 watchlist

  Odd market..With the fade yesterday pretty much the text book play would be gap down.  Looks like we reversed in the futures markets.  this is bear market trading my friends.  Full of reversals, no trend…nothing stays the same for […]

terror tuesday!

      mornign traders….  Looks like cash is still best position.  After getting stopped out of $sprd yesterday all i got is 1/2 position of $denn and some $uco   We are sitting on a support level that if […]

Trading Watchlist for 5/24/2010

If we continue up tomorrow, here are a handful of stocks I’ll be watching.

Friday’s Rally, Monday’s …?

A few thoughts headed into Monday’s Trading action. Lots of economic data being released this week as market focus comes home.

5/21/2010 premkt

  Futures pointing toward nasty open…we are off our lows but still not good.  We are also not gapping down far enough to get the swoosh where a supreme dip opp exists. Right now we are in drip drip mode…slowly […]

5/19/2010 gameplan

      today was nasty..The market on the gap up reversed course.  After yesterdays close a gap up is typical.  The level and speed of the reversal was a bit surprising but in Down Trending markets almost all rallies […]

gameplan 5/18/2010

      Nice close yesterday…. Seems like a deadcat bounce but its hard to tell unless its in hindsight. For now ill keep playing this range we are in..  Load up positions on dips closer to 200dma and sell […]

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