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7/21/2010 gameplan

          Hey guys. Looks like we got a bit of gap up this morning based off $aapl earnings amongst others.  WE are seeing some decent strength overseas as the EuroMarkets area ll up +1% across the […]

Quick List of Stocks to Watch 7/21

a few stocks technically setup for the morning – watching the open.

SPX and a Few New Scalps to Watch

Good Morning. Will the SPX continue to stay in the downward channal or will we hold support and move into bullish territory?

7/19/2010 Morning Wood!

    Morning….Futures slightly positive this morning amid some decent earnings reports, m&a activity.  OIL is running flat right now. Overseas markets in Europe were up half a percent or so The next couple days will be huge to see […]

7/19/2010 gameplan

          Looks like we are still in a bear market. When the market hit extreme overbought readings with stochastics in the 90s and right at resistance all it needed was a nudge to send it back […]

7/16/2010 gameplan

        morning folks. we are poised for a slightly weaker opening.  Marketing is digesting GE earnigs and taking a well deserved breather. Today is an opex day so expect to get whipsawed.  A majority of traders i […]

7/15/2010 gameplan

  moooooooorning. Futures a bit flat to slightly higher. Oil looking solid this morning up .5%. JP Morgan came out with some rather large numbers.  China GDP numbers were out last night. Reports are that the growth is still between […]

7/14/2010 gameplan

    morning folks. futures looking a little flat .  Oil taking a slight dip down .5% or so. Europe a little bit less than 1% on a slight dip.  Asia still looking strong especially japan today which is up […]

SPX and setups for Wednesday

quick SPX overview and 11 new stocks to check out.

Manic Monday

             My bias going  into the week is slightly “negative” if you can say that. As you can see we are getting very overbought and the market has entered a zone of resistance. the $spy […]

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