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Market Recap/ Position Update

            Grind Grind Grind the market goes.Booooom Boooom booooom We go….40 points a day 40 points a day…till the big shocker today….the market was flat.   everybody was waiting to read the fed minutes and the […]

My Portfolio Update 4/5/2010

Here are the positions I’m in and why..

4/6 Watchlist

      PAL perking up… Break past 4.30 should be good to go. Looking for strong relative volume        ACLS–Its ready….the vol was coming in on friday if it stays we are […]

4/5/2010 MOMO Stocks

I run scans all the time…

4/5/2010 Watch List Update -Spec Plays

Here are a handful of stocks I’ll be watching Monday for possible scalps. These are highly speculative, so be careful and set stops!

4/1/2010 Watchlists

  I gots a big cash position. holding $spir $joez $ras $jtx $fonr and a few others in my accounts. a     Short list. Also keep an eye on Mondays list as  a lot of those are ready to […]

4/1/2010 Watch List

I’m heavy cash heading into Thursday. If we see a good Jobless Claims report, I’ll look to participate. Otherwise, I’ll probably stay heavy cash and make only a few trades.

Tuesday 3/30/2010 watchlist

  We keep grinding up…40 points a day. Not ideal but Ill take up over down anyday.  In very strong trends you will see powerful stocks with MOMO ride up the 20dma. usually these are good times for quick swings.  […]

3/29/2010 Additions to the Watch List

Here are some newbies to my radar.


adfsa    Cost Plus is a beaten down retailer.  If you notice over the last year from REITS, BANKS, autoparts companies.  Any of these high rev high debt plays once they return to profitability an exponential move starts in them. […]

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