Bulls on Wall Street: Stop Guessing. Start Trading.

Swing Trading March Stock Market Seasonality

As a swing traders it pays to know which months are historically strong than others. Heading into February, we discussed the fact that February tends to be the worst month to trade, and it’s played out that way with the […]

The Mindset You MUST Have To Become A Successful Stock Trader

The market doesn’t know or care about what you think or feel. The stock market is just a mechanism for sharing and displaying information. However, we as humans are constantly distorting information being displayed to us with our pre-existing beliefs. […]

Trading Earnings Stocks | Finding The Right Gap Plays

Every day there are hundreds of stocks that are gapping up or down before the market open. You need to have specific criteria in selecting the stocks that you trade every day. It is quite simple what you are looking […]

Free Report: Post Selloff Trading Plan and Analysis of Two New Swing Entries

The market is at a key inflection point that is setting up to give us a monster setup soon. Heading into the final day of the trading week we sill have no resolution of breakout or breakdown at the key […]

Trading Watch List 02.22.2018

Not the best looking charts for indices after the action today. Market was on it’s way to a break out until the end of the day when things fall apart quickly. SPY closed at the 8 EMA , 270 area. […]

Trading Watch List 02.20.2018

SPY hit the resistance and rejected after extended run. Ideally some basing between 20 and 50 MA before next round. If you are struggling with your trading or learn how to trade you need to check out our trading courses. […]

5 Habits Every Successful Day Trader Possesses

It’s no secret that trading is one of the hardest endeavors you will ever undertake. 90%+ of the people who try this do not succeed. So what do the winning traders do that the rest don’t? Winning traders develop winning […]

The Anatomy of an Oversold Bounce Trade: Exploiting Fear in the Market (Winning TQQQ Trade)

Oversold Bounce and Exploiting Fear Opportunity in the stock market often presents itself at the most difficult time to trade: during big market pullbacks after a big run up, when there is extreme fear in the market. While good traders […]

Trading Watch List 02.16.2018

Rally continues in the market after SPY had that mini flag breakout on Wednesday. SPY next resistance is 275 area. Ideally some basing between 20 and 50 MA will set some individual charts again. Watch list names continues to remain […]

Top 7 Trading Lessons From Over A Decade of Day Trading Stocks

I have been trading stocks for almost my entire adult life. Trading is my life’s passion, and I have made about every trading mistake you can think of during my career. Here I am sharing the most important trading lessons […]

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