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Trading Watch List 05.12.2017

Wild day in the market. It looked like SPY was going for a failed breakout move at open but dip buyers showed up on cue to bounce the market. SPY range holds again and closed back over short term momentum […]

How This Mentorship Student Had His Best Trading Week

Mentorship Student Has His Best Trading Week Yet Recently we had our mentorship group at my house in Florida to trade in person and refine everyone’s plan. One of my most promising students is a man from Finland named Henrik. Henrik […]

Trading Watch List 05.10.2017

Flat day for SPY right under breakout spot. Close but no cigar yet. Regardless of grinding move on indices, action in individual names are strong if you are trading the right stocks. AAOI, LITE, BITA, TSLA , MZOR,WTW some of […]

Great People Do Great Things – Summer Bootcamp With Mentorship Students

What happens when 11 traders gather in one house on the beach and trade together? If you didn’t know, in addition to our live trading bootcamp, we also have a more exclusive mentorship program. This program is a very small […]

Post Earnings Drift – Marrying Fundamentals With Technicals

Our favorite type of trading throughout the year is earnings season. If you’re familiar with our style, you’ll know that a lot of it is based off news and momentum. Ideally we take the fundamentals, such as company news or […]

5 Explosive Earnings Breakout Setups (Weekly Swing Report)

You know I love earnings breakouts, and for good reason. As swing traders we look to trade explosive momentum, and there is no better momentum play than a stock ramping up on earnings. My earnings breakout list currently has over […]

Trading Watch List 05.08.2017

SPY finally manged to closed over the range on Friday. After 8 days of super tight range bound action, best day on Friday for SPY. Hopefully it will have a follow  through. Next big resistance at 240.31 and a breakout […]

Trading Watch List 05.05.2017

Range continues in SPY.8 EMA keeps on getting defended.Still waiting on a move. Meanwhile choppy/sloppy moves on most individual stocks. Earning news related names  giving us some decent trading action. So as long SPY stuck n range we are mostly […]

Analyzing a Bull Flag Setup – ANET

In our Bulls On Wall Street Bootcamp, we teach our students a variety of actionable trade setups. One of our most popular setups is the bull flag pattern. A bull flag essentially needs three vital components in order to be […]

Trading Watch List 05.03.2017

SPY stuck in a tight box for over a week now. SPY first support 8 EMA, followed by 50 MA, 236 area and resistance at 239.53. AAPL earning is out after market closed,hopefully this will shake things up a bit. […]

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