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    Want to take part in the killer Bulls on Wall St. trades without spending hours researching the market and building watch lists?  Can't sit at your computer all day, monitoring positions?  We designed the Bulls Swing Service with the part time trader in mind. Master swing trader and Kunal Desai-mentor Paul Singh will walk you through everything you need to profitably trade stocks part time, every day!

    • Setups and Trade Management/Trading strategy
    • "Hot stock picks" offering explosive profit potential with low risk
    • Identification of the key sectors where money is flowing
    • In-depth market analysis
    • Clear and concise explanation of seemingly difficult concepts and setups
    • Expert price and volume analysis
    • Trade profitably with a small account
    • Just 5-10 minutes per day--nothing else required
    • Swing trade live alerts sent via email, 3 to 5 weekly

    See a sample report HERE or view some highlights below!

    Market Analysis

    Paul describes the current market environment and what it means for swing traders.



    Focus List
    Here we find actionable setups culled from “the watchlist” for the coming trading day.


    Stocks that Paul is actively following. The Focus List of in-play stocks is pulled from this list.