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We are a family business that started with just a couple students who took one of our classes. As we have grown, we have retained that family atmosphere and become a team.

Success Story

Founder Kunal Desai started Bulls on Wall St. to share his extensive trading experience and help others achieve their financial goals. After years spent trading together, student Maribeth Willoughby joined him as Vice President.

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  • 14 years, thousands of students

    Founder Kunal Desai has been trading for 14 years, made thousands of trades and taught over 1,000 students to become pro traders.

  • Comprehensive Courses

    True university style courses for an amazing value. Complete with quizzes, homework and projects to fully immerse you in your training.

  • Trading Simulator

    At the end of your bootcamp training enter our trading simulator to practice virtually with exact conditions of a real trading environment.

  • Fresh Insights

    We train students to not only look at simple chart patterns, but to consider every aspect of a prospective trade.

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Each person that comes through our door will not only get a world class education in terms of our proprietary methodologies, but will also be developed on a psychological and emotional level.

Tim Allen

Director of Operations

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