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Trade Alert: $2,600 In 30 Minutes $OCUL

Trade Alert: $10,167 Gain Trading $UVXY

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How to Trade Stocks Post News Event

How to Trade Intraday News Event We’ve talked before about how to trade stocks that are making big moves in the morning due to a news-based catalyst, like a new product offering or strong earnings. In fact, many of the […]


Weekly Swing Trade Report for August 29, 2016

Important week! In today’s video I show you what to look for in the market post Yellen, key sectors, 3 actionable setups and a review of Friday’s intraday “Fed Fade” trade, which is the highest probability trade I know! If you missed […]


Learn How I made $4500 Swing Trading The Rubber Band Oversold Bounce Setup

Rubber Band Oversold Bounce Setup Close your eyes. Now I imagine the stock you are swing trading is the stone in a sling shot. You pull the rubber band back as far as you can and let go. What happens next? […]


UPDATED: Free Chatroom Access!

Long before there was a Bulls Bootcamp, there was the Bulls on Wall Street chat. It was this chatroom that first gave me the ability to share my trading alerts and help day and swing traders everywhere perfect their craft. […]


Weekly Swing Trade Report for August 22, 2016

I have a surprise for you guys this week.  Since the Weekly Swing Trade Report is recorded during market hours today we go over the setup for our $TWLO entry in the Daily Swing Alerts service. In today’s video I also review key sectors we […]


How to Trade Second Day Play

Second Day Play If you are trading momentum stocks on the first day only and then walking away, you are leaving a lot of money on the table. A stock with momentum will often run for several days. The best […]

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Trading Watch List 08.31.2016
Slow ,late summer range bound action in the market. Not much momentum on anything except some random small cap names. Blog watch list names like DUST, ACIA, BOFI gave decent trading action, specially DUST as gold miners broke down on […]

Trading Watch List 08.29.2016
Wild range day in the Market after Fed’s comments about interest rate hike. SPY still in the trading range but below short term momentum moving average and 8 and 20 MA,giving bears a slight edge If it stays below them,be […]

Day Trading Watchlist 8/26/2016
Flat day in the stock market today. That seems to be the norm the range has been very tight for weeks now.  Part of that is seasonal as we are in the dog days of summer. Part of it is […]

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