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Shorting Stocks at Resistance Levels

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Why I LOVE Cryptocurrency Crashes: How To Capitalize on Cryptocurrency Pullbacks

It has truly been a bloodbath in cryptos the past week. Bitcoin dropped below $10k. Litecoin traded in the mid 100’s. Ethereum dropped down to the 700’s. This is the first time we have seen the leading cryptocurrencies have a […]


5 Tips To Let Your Winners Run

“Your trading should consist of small losers and big winners. You need to let your winners ride.” Even if you’re a new trader you have probably heard some variation of this trading advice on a weekly (maybe daily) basis from […]


How to Play Intraday Bounce Plays- WATT Example

Bounce plays can offer some of the best risk versus reward trades. When stocks get extended to the up or downside, they will often have a bounce, a quick retracement in the opposite direction. This is not a setup suited […]


How To Analyze The Market When Indicators Tell You It’s Overbought

It’s a good problem to have. When the market is ramping and you are in positions, it’s the best feeling in the trading world. The trade becomes easy. It’s like riding a bike with the wind at your back. However, […]


4 Ways to Bounce Back From A Massive Trading Loss

A massive trading loss is a devastating experience. The trading loss could be the result of stubbornness and indiscipline, where you didn’t obey your stop loss, you averaged down, and it kept going against you. Sometimes it can be from […]

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Trading Watch List 01.24.2018
Another fresh high for the market. Market can sure use some rest but no sign as off now. Watch list names continues to shred well. WUBA, MJX, OSTK,SQ,ARNA,FANG, VRX,NVDA.INSY.WTW all gave nice trades. If you are struggling with your trading […]

Trading Watch List 01.22.2018
SPY slow grind continues. Nothing new to report. All good, as long SPY riding the upper channel. with 8 EMA support. Some volatility sure would be nice to shake things up but nothing  so far. If you are struggling with […]

Trading Watch List 01.18.2018
Gap and fade on Wednesday. Test of bottom range on up trending channel and bulls come back again with vengeance! Wednesday’s low is short term support for now. Over 280.09, should start grind up move again. If you are struggling […]

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