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7 Relative Strength Stocks Crushing The Rest Of This Ugly Market (Weekly Swing Report)

Markets that start to make violent moves after a nice and long steady uptrend are among the toughest markets to trade. The increased volatile moves to the downside, combined with strong bounces that shake out your shorts, and mixed signals […]

Trading Watch List 08.21.2017

SPY filled a gap and tried to bounce but not much of a follow through and close below Thursday’s low. Below 242.20 , 100 MA and 240 comes to play with resistance at 50 MA. Technology index QQQ barely holding […]

Trading Watch List 08.18.2017

Ugly sell off day in the market. Bears were in complete control on a bid less big volume trend down day and closed at low of the day. Question is what happens now. Technically , this is second close below […]

Trading Watch List 08.16.2017

SPY paused  at trend line and price  resistance after 243.70  support hold rally. Not much of an edge here as SPY is smack between 20 and 50 MA. I am expecting it be slow range bound and chop around here […]

Is the Market Meltdown Already Over (Weekly Swing Report)?

New and even experienced traders came into this trading week feeling either confused, scared, frustrated or thrilled after last week’s market meltdown. Daily swing report members and I were feeling good after sticking to our tried and true “market meltdown” […]

7 Intro Lessons for Newbie Traders

If you’re a newbie trader you should start your education on the right track by familiarizing yourself with the fundamental concepts first. Getting a firm grasp on the basics will catapult your education faster when you really start to dig […]

Trading Watch List 08.14.2017

SPY short term support is Thursday’s low, holding for now with 50 MA resistance. SPY 243.70 needs to hold for now and get back over 50 MA for bulls to get some footings. Small cap index IWM found support at […]

Trading Watch List 08.11.2017

Failed break out move  turned into a fast breakdown move. Ugly day for stocks and some major technical damages across the board. SPY closed below 50 MA. Has a gap to fill around 242.50.Worrisome thing for the market was lack […]

Trading Watch List 08.09.2017

SPY breaks out to all time high only to reverse back hard and turns it into a failed break out move. SPY hasn’t had a test of 20 MA in a while so it might go for 20 MA test […]

Banking On A Squeeze Trade At My Airbnb In Barcelona

AAOI is a stock that was down on Friday by 35% based on bad earnings. This stock got smoked out. Looking at the daily chart, AAOI dropped from this negative news hitting the lower Bollinger Band. Additionally, AAOI was struck […]

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