Bulls on Wall Street: Stop Guessing. Start Trading.

Trading Watch List 07.25.2016

Strong action continues in the market. Bulls came out and bought the dips again. As long SPY over 8 EMA , bulls are in control. Low float small cap run continues with KONE, SPU, GBR being the flavor of the […]

4 ETF Swing Trading Ideas: Trading the BRIC

The Brexit selloff turned out to be one big over reaction, all systems are go and the “cloud is falling” market panic is in the rearview mirror. While we could just trade SPY and be happy with average gains, we […]

Trading Watch List 07.22.2016

Small red day in the market . Not surprising given how many stocks were stretched to the upside. We also saw some parabolic run in low float names like OPTT ,OPGN, SPU etc, when that happens , usually means market […]

Trading Watch List 07.20.2016

Slow digestion day in the market. Seems SPY correcting via time for some moving averages to catch up with price. Range also getting tighter, a breather to test some support and moving averages will be ideal but bulls holding on […]

Go-To Setups – Why You Need Them

One of the core aspects of my trading style is having a handful of go-to setups. These are strategies that meet a few key criteria: 1. They work consistently. Seems obvious, right? Well, not necessarily. There are setups I trade that have […]

Weekly Swing Trade Report For July 19, 2016

The market has kicked the Brexit selloff in the behind and exploded to new highs. The resumption of trend has created a sector cleansing with new sectors taking the lead. In today’s video we address these sectors, review all of my current […]

Weekend Scan Watch List 07.18.2016

With market breaking out to new high , i found many small cap stocks with decent chart pattern for long. There are quiet a few of them, pick the only ones you like and understand the setup. Successful rate will […]

Trading Watch List 07.15.2016

Another gap day in the market and slow action rest of the day. Many stocks including indices looks tired but no sign of pause or  pull yet. Healthy action so far although a pull back will energize many charts.Slim pickings […]

Will I see you in the webinar?

On July 20th, I’m holding a FREE webinar on a very important topic: trading psychology. This is one of my favorite topics for the simple reason that it is vital for traders of every skill level. Whether you just placed your […]

Trading Watch List 07.13.2016

Expected  follow through rally in the market after SPY break out on Friday. SPY stalled on upper bollinger band and market flushing some overbought signal. So it wouldn’t be surprising to some churn for few days. Oil finally  joined the […]

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