Bulls on Wall Street: Stop Guessing. Start Trading.

5 Great Trading Movies Every Trader Must See

Trading movies and documentaries are a great way to get excited about trading and the possibilities of making money. There are also some great lessons on what NOT to do when getting involved in the markets as most deal with […]

Trading Watch List 04.25.2018

Ugly day for market after stocks like GOOGL, CAT faded even after reporting good earnings. SPY below 20 and 50 MA and in the middle of the range. Bears now have the edge until it’s back over 20/50 MA. The […]

Trading Watch List 04.23.2018

SPY failed to close over 270 resistance and broke  50 MA support. Still in upper range no mans land zone with support now at 265.60 followed next major support at 20 MA, 264 area. Resistance at 268 and then 270.Many […]

5 Psychological Obstacles New Traders Must Overcome To Achieve Consistency

New traders often come into trading with unrealistic expectations in terms of profitability and success. Unfortunately, the instincts to succeed in trading are not natural for most people. You have to completely re-program yourself to instill the habits you need […]

Trading Watch List 04.20.2018

SPY pulled back. Came close to 20 MA and then closed over 50 MA support. All good for bulls as long 20 MA holds and a close back over 270. Nice action from watch list names QURE,VEEV, SQ,SAIL  and TWLO. […]

How To Time Swing Trade Entries During A Post Sell-Off Breakout (Live Trades)

When do you know a market selloff is over? Unfortunately, you never really know until the market breaks out over it’s old high. That can be an agonizingly long wait, and there’s a lot of profit opportunity that gets passed […]

Trading Watch List 04.18.2018

Rally day in the market as SPY Closed right on that 270 resistance area. Still has room to run. If not any basing over 50 MA would still be good for bulls.Good thing about Tuesday’s rally was, individual growth/momentum l […]

Trading Watch List 04.16.2018

SPY faded again on top the range. No surprise here as this was one one of the possibility that was discussed in previous blog. News driven market. Keeping an open mind for all the possibilities.SPY must hold , Friday’s low, […]

Trading Watch List 04.13.2017

SPY closed at first resistance are in a choppy/sloppy fashion  given all the news  around. A break over 267 should try to big resistance 270 area. It can can also fade here on top of the range. Some nice trading […]

Trading Watch List 04.11.2018

Rally day for the market. SPY stalled at 20 MA. Needs to see a follow through. A move over 20 MA and 266.77 clears the way for major resistance 270 area. Hit and run trading mode in range bound  market […]

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