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Why You Cannot Learn to Trade from DVDs

learn to trade Most new traders have huge misconceptions about trading DVDs and how to learn to trade for a living. They think that they just need to buy a DVD, get the strategies, and then open up a brokerage account and start banking. They can be great supplemental tools, but there is so much more to trading than what can be taught in a DVD. No one became a consistently profitable trader after just watching someone’s DVDs. Difficult professions like trading cannot be learned from something as non-interactive as a DVD. How many surgeons do you know learned surgery from watching a few videos? The message of this article isn’t to say to not use them. But they just get your feet wet. If you want to exponentially shorten your learning curve, you need ongoing mentorship and get actionable feedback from experienced traders. You need an interactive learning environment.

Mentorship vs DVDs

Trading is will probably be the hardest endeavor you will ever attempt. The journey to profitability is filled with highs and lows. After watching the trading DVD you will have a billion questions, and you don’t know where to get started. There is 1% chance they will answer by email or even if you join their chatroom and send them a PM. Buying someone’s DVD doesn’t mean they are your mentor. No one is there to answer the thousand questions you will have once you finish the DVD. A true mentor is someone you can reach by phone and is there for you during every stage of your trading journey. Trading DVD’s fail to give you personalized attention to become a profitable trader and shorten your learning curve.

Working Smart vs Working Hard

One of the biggest issues we find that aspiring trading into is that they don’t know exactly WHAT they do in order to improve their trading. All the time we have traders who work hard enter our course, but they were using their time and effort inefficiently because they have never actually talked to an experienced trader work with them and tell them what they needed to do to fix their issues. For example, we will have new traders come into our course that use a trade journal religiously. They were uploading all their trades at the end of the week like they were supposed to, but couldn’t figure out why they kept losing money. But once I looked over their trades, it was obvious that the trader was trading with too much emotion because his position sizes were too large. I told him to reduce his position sizes, and his trading results dramatically improved. But he would never have known this (or taken a lot longer to figure it out) until he actually had me look at his trades. Trading DVD’s cannot be personalized. Every trader is a little bit different and has different issues. You need actionable feedback from experienced traders in order to actually fix the issues that prevent you from becoming a profitable trader.

Why We Offer Live Classes

This why we offer live, interactive classes. We know that learning to trade stocks for a living is not an overnight process. And the learning curve becomes that much longer when you don’t have an interactive environment where you get direct feedback on how to improve. That’s why we offer a 60-day boot camp and lifetime access to our community and mentors when you enroll. Sure we charge more for the course than the typical trading DVD. But we actually provide the educational material and mentorship to take you from a newbie/struggling trader to profitable one. 

Free Trading Consultation

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