Wednesday Night Study Sessions

Guys.  @szaman one of our great traders has volunteered to run a weekly study/help session.  Its open forum in our chatroom so you can bring your questions, charts, anything that you want to talk about.  Im seeing a lot of progress in the chatroom from many of you guys.  Your starting to pick up the system and the method and really locking down your trade plan.  But we still have much work to do and between this weekly study session and more webinars/videos hopefully we will all be able to accomplish our trading goals.  Its very important if you are learning or having trouble or even doing great that you take advantage of these times.  szaman is an amazing trader someone who i personally have learnt a lot of technical analysis from.    For many years ive been a great stock picker and was always able to find winners but being around guys like szaman who have such an indepth knowledge of technical analysis and price action has taken my trading to another level over the past couple years.  You will find him the most process oriented trader around as you guys see everyday in the chatroom. He is very systematic about his entries, exits, targets.





this will be a weekly thing.  Im having it in the chatroom instead of webinar so that we can have group particpation but also so that those that are working or doing family things can still hop in from their iphones or ipads and participate.

NO EXCUSES FOLKS! i get a lot of emails from people everyday asking for help on their trades and things that happen to them. When i ask them if they watched the webinars or any of the videos they almost  always say no!  we need to be constantly learning and improving our game.


see ya wednesday!

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  1. I have a request then; that the chat sessions are archived like the regular boom factory chat so those of us in different time zones can keep up also.

  2. I second on Kim. Please Please Please Archive this session if possible. Would be really great not only to those who miss it, but also for all of us to revisit it to brush up our concepts from time to time.


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