Webinar 9/18/2011

hey folks. Webinar this sunday.  We will go over market indexes where we see the market going.  Also go over in detail watchlist for the week how to play them.   Send to me in the comment box  any questions or things you guys want to go over. Leave it there so others can see it too and they can extrapolate on them.   Ill keep the last 1/2 open to what you guys want to talk about. So send me some ideas it can be anything from strategies to setups to money management. As some of you guys know! sometimes these things last 3 hours!  So bring some coffee.  We’ll also answer questions and things at the end.



Sun, Sep 18, 2011 9:00 PM – 10:00 PM EDT

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5 thoughts on “Webinar 9/18/2011”

  1. Please go over what you look for in an intra-day break. For example: lets say a stock gaps up, runs, then pulls back and bases. Do you try and play for the break of the base or a break of intra-day highs? I’ve been trying both lately and I seem to get faked out more often then not.

  2. Can you talk about how you manage a trade after you’re in? Like, what do you look for (support, resistance, MA’s, etc) or price action behavior while you’re in a trade. Thanks!

  3. Few questions here:
    – what methods to you use for setting exit price targets?
    – can you talk a bit about the logistics and the process of your trading day? There’s obviously a lot of information out there and I’d be interested to know what you focus on and pay attention to as the day progresses.
    – related to the second question, during the day, do you pay most of your attention to the watchlist you compiled the day before or also stocks on the move (and how)?
    – seems that lately failed breakouts become great short opportunities (during the same day the breakout fails). Is that something you watch for as well and what criteria do you use for that?

  4. when you are setting your alarms on your watch list, how far ahead of your buy trigger do you set your alarm? are your alarms set for price only, volume only, both? Thanks.

  5. hey kunal do u mind going over the trades u called out today… qpsa looks like a morning breakout play iam not sure if it had pr or news but there was no action in the morning so wanted to know how u time it so great … 4.77 was perfect. if this was a pr play or earning how did it catch ur attention so quickly??


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