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NFLX Looking Good

After quite a slide in NFLX over the past two weeks, it looks like the buyers may have stepped back in.  The chart looks great – strong trendline support with volume bounce off SMA50.  We’re also testing the highs put […]


6-Pack of Sub $10 Stock Charts

6 pack of charts… +2


NYSE Top Volume Stocks Chart Updates


3/4/2011 gameplan

Morning folks. stock market futures a bit flat.  Looks like the jobs number is out.  reaction is somewhat muted so far.  the reaction will probably be the primary focus ( possibly i personally dont think it matters)  typically if market […]


3/3/2011 gameplan

Not much has changed in the stock market. all indexes are making similiar patterns. We continue to be at the whims of oil prices.  Futures today are looking better as oil is dipping down about 1%.  Dont be surprised to […]


Breakdown stocks 3/2

out of BB setups. they need to turn and break intraday supports before they can be shorted. but stocks that completely break out of the upper bb are high prob short setups but they need to confirm on shorter timeframes


3/2/2011 gameplan

morning folks. futures indicating slight gap down. the market is sorting through some data on jobs, oil, overseas stuff.  right now we are trading inversely to oil.  so when oil top ticks the market dips and vice versa.  when i […]


2/27/2011 gameplan

Here is Mondays stock watchlist.  Lot of good breakout stocks and swing trades on the list.  Remember to go through last weeks watchlist and add the stocks that are still setting up to this list.  You need to constantly prune […]


2/25/2011 gameplan

Nice 3 day pullback. market looking good for bounce soon. Todays afternoon session was very positive. Many stocks look great for breakouts or swingtrades. video watchlist below.


Boom Boom Stocks for 2/24

Morning folks futures gapping down again today.  3rd day in a row.  As we talked about in our weekend market review that we do everyweek.  What we wanted to see is follow through and confirmation that this dip was real. […]


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