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Boom Boom Stocks 8/25/2011

Morning folks. Market looking at a flat open today as investors digest whats been happening the last 2 days along with the fed meeting tomorrow. Been a fun 2 days in the market with a sharp bounce in the markets.. […]


Boom Boom Stocks 8/24/2011

Morning folks. Looks like market is gonna be opening lower as the indexes are dipping premarket down across the board a bit less then .5%. OIL (uso) looks about flat with gold (gld) +1% and silver (slv) +.5%. Yesterday was […]


Boom Boom stocks 8/23/2011

Morning folks. Market looks like its gapping up again today just like yesterday.  We have silver and gold down so far with oil (uso) strongly up.  As of this moment its tough to say anything with certainty  as we are […]


8/22/2011 Stock Watchlist

Morning folks. Market looking light a strong gap up here after some decent strength in overseas markets.  Its looking like a 1.5% move across teh board.  This type of gap up days are single handledly the trickiest days for me […]


Boom Boom Stocks 8/18/2011

Morning folks. Looks like we are gonna have an ugly open with news of slowing global growth slowing down overseas markets. We also have reports of china growth slowing down also. We are down 2% across the board.  Looks like […]


Boom Boom stocks 8/17/2011

Morning folks. market looking like a slight gap up to flat open today.  We had a choppy day in the markets yesterday as the markets gapped lower about 1% at the open but we saw some underlying strength and we […]


8/16/2011 stock watchlist

Morning folks. Futures gapping down today over 1% across the board.  This is going to be typical for the markets over the next period of trading as we are very sensitive to the news cycle right now.  We just had […]


8/15/2011 stock watchlist


8/9/2011 Stock Watchlist / Gameplan

Evening folks. Crazy days in the markets. WE Finally got the bounce we were looking for but it wasnt easy.  After the early morning gap up we faded right at our first level of resistance..after the market briefly breached new […]


Goto List of Stocks

Many of you guys have asked me about my routine at night when im doing my scans.  I run all sorts of scans depending on the market but most of my ideas just come from keeping a list of stocks […]


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