Market getting a bit extended . Doesn’t mean anything as extended can stay extended and SPY, IWM, QQQ still has room to top of the Boilinger Band. Tomorrow we also have FOMC meeting at 12.30 ET. It is becoming harder to find names that hasn’t moved yet so I am posting few names that still have a bit of room to run and heavily shorted.

BKD Over 25.79 for a continuation.

BLOX Over 50 MA, 17.61 area could pop this stock.

CALL Over 17.23 breaks downtrend and 20 EMA. 52% float short.

DM Bottom range break play. Over 3.69 for continuation.

GPRE This has been in watch forever. Expanding volume today. 8.18 is the breakout area.

IPHI Flagging on low vol. 9.47 is an area of interest.

MITK Low volume orderly pullback to 50 MA. Over 3.18  might get a bounce.

NTRI heavily shorted stock. Over 8.07 to see any movement. 16% float short.

RVBD Bottoming formation, watching  18.36 area.

SMCI Over 9.51 for a continuation.

TASR Coiling up above 20 MA. 8.30/8.35 area of interest.

TROX Bottom play. Some volume today. No clean number. May be a red to green type of move and over 16.30 area.






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