Watch List For 06/07/12

Hey guys, @szaman here, after today’s big move , many names kinda look extended. typically after a big trend day, things slows down a bit next day. So i am hoping for a few side way days. Typical daily set ups are becoming hard to find. Names that has already moved is hard to chase because some of them have  already been up for 2/3 days already. Meanwhile I’ll looking for names that hasn’t moved yet, at the same time creating higher lows on the daily.Chances are,  even if we have side way  or mild red days, those names might get a bid.


FSL- Might needs few days but  watching this one back over 10.04.

HSFT Selling seems to be subsiding and bouncing 200 SMA. Watching over 12.50 for a quick trade.

IMUC Bio. name, seems to be flagging over 8 EMA.Watching over 3.70 with resistance at 4.

INXN Some indecision going on here.Watching 16.40 , for a quick trade.

MDF Nice base here. May be over 8.83.

OCLR Increasing volume pattern. Back over 2.67 should hit some alerts.

OPTR This one has been trying to break out forever! Now that it had its 50 SMA bounce. Might worth watching. 15.60 is the number.

SNI Classic break out setup over 55/ 55.30.

UBNT Narrowest range candle to today (NR7) means buyers /sellers equilibrium.. Can be la quick long over 16.30 or short below 15.60.

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