Slow and and steady  up action in the Market. SPY quietly closing above 50 MA, small cap index IWM basing nicely  above  50 MA and most likely to make a move soon. Tech index QQQ is still being dragged by falling AAPL. Financial index XLF breaking out nicely. Overall Bullish and healthy action so far.

ABFS Swing type stock. Big base below 8.68. Stop could be under 8.

AMSC Coiled up here. Over 2.86 with resistance at 3.

CBK Seems to be getting ready for another move after earning gap. Watching 4.82.

EXPR Holding up the gap and 8/100 MA pushing below. Next break out at 15.

FNSR Over 14.17, it should go for the 200 MA.

IMH Over 15.30 should get a pop.

JE Over 9.21 it should make run for 50 MA.

LULU  Watching 73.75/74 area  whenever it decides to go.

MNST Over 53 should have a quick reaction.

OREX  Watching 4.95 area for a spike.

SFUN Watching over 23.45 for a quick day trade.

YY Looking for a bounce on this stock soon No clean number but watching 12.33 area for movement.

ZIP Tends to be a tricky stock for day trades but have a gap above 8.69 and over 20% float short.




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