Watch List 11/21/2013

Another down day in the Market as the FOMC hinted taper possibility again.SPY manged to close above short term trend line 8 EMA.If breaks here next stop might be 20 SMA. We were busy in the chat room playing earning/ news plays ZHNE,UNIS and well defined risk bounce play on VJET and ONVO. All profitable with $1247 gains for the day. Theme remain same for yesterday, will look to play earning and bounce with well defined risk and no knife catching.At bulls, our goal is to train traders to keep their losses small and squeeze out as much as they can from the gains. Trading great risk to reward setups is key and that is exactly what you will learn if you come try us out. Below are the trades for the day. We are offering a two week free trial for any new prospective members.Email me  to get signed up.













ANFI  50 DMA bounce watch.











CPRX Gap fill and 20 DMA bounce. Continuation watch over 1.78.











DDD 20DMA bounce watch or maybe bounce on 67 area.If not next support 50 SMA 60.











EJ Breakout retest. Watching for a bounce.











GENT Watching 49 area to see if this one has more juice.











NTRI 20 SMA bounce and flag.











ONVO  3D name. Bounce watch on good intraday setup.











VIPS 20 DMA bounce watch.











ZLTQ Orderly low volume pull back so far. Back over 15.82 for movement.




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