Watch List 11/14/2013

Market making new highs but today one of those days most of our gains came from shorting stocks! $1824 gains for the day! At Bulls On WallStreet, our goal is to train traders to keep their losses small and squeeze out as much as they can from the gains. Trading great risk to reward setups is key and that is exactly what you will learn if you come try us out. Kunal is on video all week all day giving out the alerts live and teaching while he does. Below are the trades for the day. We are offering a two week free trial for any new prospective members.Email me  to get signed up.

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AMBA Breakout watch.











GENT Watching 49 area to see if this one has more juice.











GTI  Breakout watch.











HALO Breakout watch.











INSM Long Flag pattern. Expect this to break out soon.16 alert.


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