Watch List 10/09/2013

Market finally gave in after no news about resolving government shut down. We finally saw many recent momentum name get hit hard.We had great day in the chat room with $3565 gains for the day. Most of our gains came from shorting momentous names.


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At this point i could not found many tradable  setups in daily charts. I will be looking for a bounce soon on momentum names. So I am posting some bounce candidates if sell off continues at open or if we have a gap down.










ALNY 54.40 is 50 MA  ,could be bounce spot.










CLDX  25.30 area. is 50 MA and previous breakout ,could be bounce spot.










GPN Gap fill and 20 MA support 51.50 area.










P Gap fill and 50 MA right below 22.










YELP Gap fill and 50 MA right below 59.




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