Watch List 10/07/2013

Market holding up really well during the U.S Government  shut down. S&P-500 keeps on bouncing 50 MA area, Technology  heavy QQQ  and small cap IWM successfully tested 20 MA. Seasonality wise  September and October tend to be volatile and news driven months. This year is no exception. Looking at the charts , if Market can mange  to hold on during this month, it ill be not surprising to see an year end rally.

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AMBA  Breakout retest, continuation watch.










ANFI Momentum name. Tight flag here.










AVG Over 24.65 for continuation.










BLOX Watching for flag break.










CGEN  Breakout watch.










ISIS Holding 20 MA so far. Bounce watch.










OSIR Like it back over 19.75










RKUS  Big range break over 17.69.










SIMO 13.45 breakout watch.










TSRO Range break watch.










VPHM Continuation watch.










WAGE Flag beak watch.










ZLC 16 breakout watch.

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