Bounce continues in the Market as Bulls finally manage to close S&P-500 back over 50 MA. We have some open space on top  with 20 MA and gap area 168/168.80 as overhead for now. Another great week in Bulls chat room with $4712 gains for the week.

If you are struggling with your trading  in this choppy environment then you need to join our upcoming bootcamp course starting September10th. Learn how to be profitable in any market and to grow a small account! We teach you everything from risk management to scanning to trading strategies. The class is one of a kind.  You will also learn  my explosive day trading strategy for low risk high reward momentum trading. Learn how to be in a trade ahead of other traders and before every one chasing your stock.

Our strategies take advantage of the same momentum setups that appear day in, day out, regardless of whether the market is up or down. So even with the market pullback this month,  we still were able to keep locking in the gains. This is what separates bulls from all the other chat rooms!  As you can see our strategy at bulls is to keep our losses small and take gains quickly. This method has earned us consistent gains month end and month out. Check out all the trades from the past year here.

See what is taught in the course here and email me if interested in signing up!










ALSK Holding on to 20 MA. Watching for a trend line break, 3.50 area.










CSTE  Break out watch.










DXCM Break out watch.










EJ Range narrowing. Watching for a movement soon.










IMOS Continuation watch over 50 MA 17.48 area.










MCOX Might get a pop over 20 MA 4 area.










SEE Swing type name. Bouncing 20 MA. Easy to manage as long holds 20MA.










VRX Bouncing  20 MA and flag. Watching over 100 for a pop.










WAFD Flat top break out watch on this bank stock.





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