Watch List 08/13/2013

Consolidation continues in S&P-500 as its struggling to hold 20MA , seems Bears still can not utilize the downside as momentum as S&P-500 now has some support at 168.50 area and I expect to get a pop over the 5 DMA 169.40 area. Small cap IWM defending the 20 MA. Small cap has been lading this rally all along and worth watching for future direction.  Bulls chat room keeps on milking even in this choppy tape with $984 gains from live alert today.


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ACTV 20MA being defended .Bounce watch.










AMCC 20MA being defended .Bounce watch










ITMN  20MA being defended .Bounce watch.










MILL Watching for flag break.










NTCT Flag/double bottom. Over 27 for movement.










SREV  Gap filled, 20 MA holds .Continuation up watch.










YELP  Short watch. Failed to break the flag. 50.50 area strong support. Break might setup a short.










ZLC Break out watch


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