Pull back in the Market, healthy action so far as we need pull back/rest to gain energy  for continuation run.We also have least month of summer as big boys takes off for the summer, so things should be slow. Keep in eye on stocks that holding up well during the sell off. When Market  gains strength , those usually first to run. If you are struggling with your trading even in this Bull Market then you need to join our upcoming bootcamp course starting September 3rd. Learn how to be profitable in any market and to grow a small account! We teach you everything from risk management to scanning to trading strategies. The class is one of a kind.  You will also learn  my explosive day trading strategy for low risk high reward momentum trading. Learn how to be in a trade ahead of other traders and before every one chasing your stock.   See what is taught in the course here and email me thenyctrader@gmail.com if interested in signing up!










CAMP Watching flag break 16 area.










HIMX Broke the downtrend with some volume today. Watching back over 7/7.06  for movement. Earning on 8/15, maybe a pre earning run.










INVN Holding 20 MA also could be breakout retest. Watching back over 17.










MOBI Over 4.10 might get a pop.










NTCT Flagging, over 27 for movement.










PKD Break out watch.










REGI  Break out watch.










VICL  Holding 20 MA. Bounce watch.




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