Watch List 05/20/2013

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ACAD Watching over 13.60. Breaks out at 13.92.










ALIM Pull back to 8EMA. Bounce watch.










ALKS Watching over 31.80. Breaks out at 32.33. Earning 5/23.










AMAP Narrow candle. Holding the lows. Watch for a  move .










AMBA Breakout watch.










CSIQ Continuation watch. May be a  red to green type of move .










DDD  Flagging over 8 EMA . Over  46.75 for movements.










ENPH Energy name. Over 9  for movements.










GDOT Coiling up. .Breaks out at 18.75.










INSM  Momentum name. Watching over 11. Continuation over 11.30.










MEOH  45.86 breakout  watch.










NPSP Watching over 14.34. Breaks out at 14.75.










SNTS Continuation watch over 22.










OPEN Watching over 64.16. Breaks out at 65.










XRM Flagging here and 20 EMA holds so far.




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