Watch list 05/06/2013

Rally day Friday in the Market as expected. Another great week for Bulls crew with $5457 gains for the week! If you are interested in trading  low risk/ big gains  setups with us and learn trading, live in a chat room with a super team of traders, please  email for info. Bulls trading boot camp starting again in  May. Learn to take your trading to the next level and make this your job! New feature, I will share my signature explosive low risk/high return money making day trading strategies.  Let me know if you need any info.










ARC Breakout retest so far. Continuation watch over 3.38.










CZR  Flagging again. Over 15.70 for movements.










FIO Holding up above gap and resistance and flagging. Watching for movements.










INSM Orderly pullback so far. Continuation watch over 9.02.










JE Beaten up energy name. Watching 50MA 6.70 area.










KOG Energy name . Watching back over 8 for a continuation.










MDP Range break over 39.54.










PFPT Breakout watch.










SANM Breakout watch over 12.98.










RGEN Coiling up here. Watching 9.15 area.










NOW Breakout retest so far. Continuation  watch over 41.


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