Watch List 04/19/2013

Red day in the Market. S&P-500 briefly broke the 50 day moving average during the day but managed to close above it. There are should be some fun and game around this 50 MA. I am expecting a bounce soon either here or may be a gap fill around 153 area. I am also watching silver ETF  AGQ for a movement as it it printed a narrow range candle today. SAND, NGD few other gold stock on watch as well.

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ADTN Bounce watch. 50 MA/break out support.










ANAC Target trade to 7.30 and more.










CERS  Not much pull so far and flagging.










EXAM Flagging. 18.30 area watch.










GNE Could bounce here on 20 MA.










GTAT 20/50 MA resistance here. 3.30 bounce watch.










IMOS 20 MA bounce and flag.










ISIS Break out watch.










NIHD 7.55 breakout watch.










NKTR 11.21 breakout watch.










RAD Over 2.43 for a trade.










GST Low volume pull back and high volume bounce on 20 MA.Watch for continuation.






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