Watch List 04/01/2013

S&P-500 managed to close at highs as the  first quarter of 2013 comes to an end. Another decent month for Bulls crew with  $13726 gains. Some decent charts out there if Market follows through into new month.

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ANGI 20.10 breakout watch.










ANIK Bio. name. 14.57 breakout watch.










BCEI Coiling up here. Watching 39 area.











BIOS 12.90 breakout watch.










BFAM Flagging here. Watching 34 area.










BMRN Watching over 62.34, breaks out at 62.90.










CERS Bio. name. Breaks out at 4.53.










DDD Watching over 32.40.










GPRE Coiling up here. Watching 11.58 area.










GTN Watching over 4.76 for continuation.










IMMR 11.96 breakout watch.










MNKD  Bio. name watching 3.44.










NAV Low volume consolidation. Watching 34.80 for movement.










NXST 18.40 continuation  watch.










RDN 10.93 breakout watch.










ROVI 21.54 breakout watch.










TA 9.80 breakout watch.










UBNT Watching 14 area.

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