Watch List 02/11/2013










AMRS Continuation over 3.33.










DSX Bull flag setting up. No clean number but watching 8.87 area.










FTK Energy name. Over 14 for movements.










GA Trying break out of the Bull flag . Over 6.21 for movements.










HTCH 3.11 breakout watch.










GV Over 3.08 for continuation.










MDCO  Breakout watch over 30.87.










MENT 17.50 breakout watch.










MERU Over 3.45 for continuation.










PBI Flagging. Watching over 14 for movements.










POL Breakout watch over 23.50.










TA Next breakout over 8.










TIVO 13.50 breakout  watch.










USEG Flagging. Watching over 2.44 for movements with volume.










VIP 12.40 breakout watch.










VRNT  Flagging .Over 34.75 for movements.










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  1. For USEG you mention that we want movement above 2.44 with volume. My question is, how do you know the relative volume at the moment a stock breaks above 2.44. If you wait until there is a volume bar for a 1 minute chart, won’t you often miss the breakout? Thank you, Richard


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