Trading Watch List 10.24.2018

SPY gap down ,broke previous  low ,made a new low and bounce over 270 support and back in range.























This is usually the type of action which often leads to a short term bottoming pattern. Not sure if we have seen the low but it’s a low for now and will watch if bulls can build on it and go for a relief rally. As far stocks , way too many damaged chart out there and unless we get one of those old fashioned ‘V” rally, it will take some time to heal. Meanwhile day trading the ranges .

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AERI Watching over 60.
AMRN Strongest bio name. Keeping an eye.
CREE Was an earning mover. Watching over 36.
CGC Bounced big support area. Watching on red to green type move for a trade.
NIHD Holding up well. Watching over 6.25.
ROKU Over 54.29 for a quick trade.
SQ Watching over 74.40 for a quick trade.

YGYI Could get a pop over 9.

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