Trading Watch List 04.21.2021

Narrow leadership catching up with the market as finally everything starting to get hit. QQQ closed below 8 EMA support. Even after a pull to 328 and 325, it would be  technically fine. Different story for individual stocks. Slim picking as far as daily setup.Way too many messy charts and no buyers  anywhere. We are mostly short biased on intraday setups like ORB, fading the pop to resistance etc. Tough out, if you are not sure what to do, better to sit out.

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Here is the watch list and game plan:

JMIA Holding 200 MA. See if it can a bounce if market rallies.
RIOT Weak open for a potential oversold bounce. MARA, CAM same idea.
FUTU Gave us a nice trade Monday on the long side and short trade Tuesday on 50 MA support break. This has potential to test 117-120 area.
TIGR 16.40 line in the sand. Next time through short watch.
MRNA Holding support. Keeping an eye is case it decides to go again.
NVAX Holding support. Keeping an eye is case it decides to go again.

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