Trading Watch List 03.25.2019

If you are an active trader, Friday morning gave plenty opportunity¬† for reducing long position or add some short exposure. Market gapped down and never bounced ,many stocks, had bear flag setup after initial morning bounce and then continuation trend down rest of the day.SPY needs to get back over 280 then over 8/20 MA resistance else next support on 200 MA area. Watch list contains a mix bag of setups. Some potential bounce plays, some continuation short setups. Market below 8/20 MA so we have be tactical and open to all options. However, i do think there will be a bounce soon given its the last week before end of the quarter and there will be some “window dressing” by find managers ahead of quarter closes.  

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Follow me on Twitter for real time trading setups@szaman and on StockTwits @szaman [caption id="attachment_54782" align="aligncenter" width="800"] ACB Breakout are and 20 MA support 8.40 area for a bounce.[/caption] [caption id="attachment_54784" align="aligncenter" width="800"] GH Gap fill, 20 MA support around 75/74.60 area.[/caption] [caption id="attachment_54783" align="aligncenter" width="800"] TEUM Gap fill, 20 MA support around 4.30 area for a bounce.[/caption] [caption id="attachment_54785" align="aligncenter" width="800"] SE Coiling up here. Watching 25 area.[/caption] [caption id="attachment_54791" align="aligncenter" width="800"] LABD Biotech short ETF. Watching for a day trade, ideally on a red to green type move at open.[/caption] [caption id="attachment_54789" align="aligncenter" width="800"] TVIX Our go-to play if market continues to weaken. Ideally on a red to green type move.[/caption] [caption id="attachment_54790" align="aligncenter" width="800"] ROKU Printing a bear flag pattern on 20 MA rejection. Watching for a short.[/caption] [caption id="attachment_54787" align="aligncenter" width="800"] SINA Chinese stock. Bear flag break down watch.[/caption] [caption id="attachment_54788" align="aligncenter" width="800"] WUBA Chinese stock. Bear flag break down on 50 MA rejection.Short continuation watch.[/caption] [caption id="attachment_54786" align="aligncenter" width="800"] CDNS Never had a real pull back ever since broke out. 8 EMA acted as resistance. Will be watching closely if the support holds and or finally gets a meaningful pull back.[/caption] [caption id="attachment_54792" align="aligncenter" width="800"] JNUG Gold miner ETF coiling over all moving averages. 11.30 range breakout watch.[/caption]]]>

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