Trading Watch List 01.13.2023

QQQ rally continues, back over 50 MA with 100 MA resistance. Given so many runners ,dips getting bought, FOMO mentality is in full effect. EXAS , META,RUN,COIN, AFRM runners from watch list.



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Check out our watch list and game plan:

RIVN EV names are running. See if this can catch some love.
FUV Continuation watch. Has room to 50 MA.
TSLA Coil. 124.50, 126 spots.
PDD Orderly pull to 8 EMA. Bounce watch.
BILI Bouncing 20 MA. 27 watch.
DADA Flagging again. Watching 14 area.
MARA Red to green over 7.
KALA Found support on 200 MA. Watching 26 area.