5 Must-Watch Trading Videos for New Traders

There is so much noise and information on the internet about the stock market for new traders. One of the most common questions we get:

Where do I start if I am a brand new trader?

It is imperative that you get educated before you risk your hard-earned money in the market. You have to learn before you earn. This blog will teach you everything about the stock market and trading to get you started. It will cover the foundational knowledge you need before placing a trade in the markets!

The videos will go in order from basic to advanced. You’ll learn:

-Stock Market Basics

-The Different Styles of Stock Trading

-Intro to Technical Analysis (Language of the markets)

-Best Charting Software

-One of Our Favorite Day Trading Strategies

Take time to watch these videos at your own pace. They are not long, only 10-15 minutes each:

Complete Introduction to the Stock Market

What is the stock market? How do you buy and sell stocks? How does the stock market generate wealth for investors? All of the stock market basic questions will be answered:

Different Styles of Stock Trading

There are many different styles of investing and trading. Day trading. Swing trading. Long-term investing. This lesson will explain the differences, and how to choose the best style for you:

Intro to Technical Analysis & Trading Indicators

Technical analysis is the language of the markets. It is the most important analysis you need for all your trading decision making:

Best Charting Software for Active Traders

Now that you have a basic understanding of the stock market, it’s time to discuss what software and tools you need to succeed. Charting software is one of the most important tools of a trader. Learn the best free and paid trading software to use:

One of Our Favorite Trading Strategies

Every trade you take needs to be aligned with a strategy. Strategies and patterns create an edge for you in the markets. This is what separates trading from gambling. Check out the flag pattern, one of our go-to trading strategies:

While this information is great to get started, there is still a lot more to learn. Our day trading and swing trading communities have been around for 13 years. Taught by experienced traders, they are designed to provide all the support and mentorship you need to become a successful trader!

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