Trading the Energy Sector

The energy sector has been on fire lately, and if you’ve paid much attention to our swing trading or day trading services, you know we’ve been making the most of it. We’d like to share that knowledge with you, so you can take advantage of this great momentum run while it lasts. So, on May 10th at 8 PM ET, I’ll be holding a FREE educational webinar with Paul Singh.

Paul Singh is my swing trading mentor and also the head of the Bulls Swing Trading service. He’s taught me a lot of what I know, but also brings a different skill set and perspective to the table. We hardly ever do webinars together, so you guys are in for a treat!

Aside from looking at the energy sector as a whole and providing our analysis, we’ll be talking about which energy stocks have the most potential and how we plan to trade them. Paul’s focus will be on swing trading setups and mine will be on day trading setups. As usual, we’ll answer some questions at the end, so if you have a chart you’ve been wondering about, be ready to ask!


A hot energy stock we traded recently

This webinar is live and completely free, so if you are interested in attending don’t wait to register, as our free webinars fill up quickly.