The Best Ways to Trade With A Full Time Job

Everyone’s life is full of commitments.

A family, 9-5 job, friends, routines, etc.

It can be daunting to try to balance everything and fit trading into your life. Many mistakenly think that you need to give up everything to trade. You don’t need to quit your job immediately, get divorced, or make insane sacrifices. 

The goal of trading is freedom. You can truly make it your own and mold things to how you want them. Successful trading gives you the option to take money out of many of important life decisions. 

Today, for those of you with typical jobs, life commitments, and 9-5s, we will be breaking down our top tips for trading with a full-time job:

Structure Your Life

You have to be structured in your life to be able to make time for anything as rewarding as trading. Investing in a good planner and cutting out wasted time activities every day, like Netflix or mindlessly scrolling through social media, will help you a ton. 

If you are new, separate an hour or two a day for education, and determine if you have the time to day trade or swing trade based upon your current situation (the sections below will dive further into these choices).

Check out this graphic below as well for an example of how some of our top full-time and part-time traders structure their trading days for optimal performance:

Swing Trade

Our swing trading service is one of the most popular products we offer because of the flexibility it brings. With swing trading, you really only need a handful of hours a week to look at the markets and analyze setups, so having a set of swing trading strategies you can rely on every week will give you some great potential and flexibility. Set your stops, targets, and alerts on your platform and you are set.

Swing trading can make you a ton of money on macro moves if you are looking for the right things, actually a lot more than day trading potentially. So make sure to focus on it especially if you are in a typical 9-5 environment week after week.

However, it doesn’t have the same earning potential as day trading since you are trading much less.

Nail n Bail At The Bell

Focus on strategies that get you in and out quickly. Now, this does not mean scalping stocks for a couple of seconds. What we mean are strategies that allow you to take advantage of the volatility at the open and get out with a profit before noon or 11:30am EST (we teach a bunch of these strategies in our Live Trading Boot camp)

We teach tons of strategies like basic morning breakouts and breakdowns that our members take advantage of in the morning sessions. By focusing on capitalizing on setups at the bell, you will only have to commit to the screens for a few hours a day, realistically from 8am until 11am. There is a ton of opportunity and volatility to take advantage of, but you still have to remain safe and calculated on these types of setups.

If you want to learn more about the strategies to use to successfully trade while you manage a job, check out the replay of a recent webinar dedicated entirely to this topic:



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