Here is a video trade review of our trade in VALV today. VALV was one of the top gaining stocks today closing at 3.50 up 33% for the day.  We entered this trade in the chatroom with the alert coming at 2.85 and we sold off our position in 1/3s at 3.05, 3.17, 3.25.  Overall it was a good trade but due to not paying attention to my trading rules I did leave 25 cents on the table as I sold the last 1/3 prematurely even though the stock was basing intraday and showing signs of an end of day gorilla run.  Overall I give myself a b+ on the trade as i did nail the entry and still ended up selling the last 1/3 for 14% gain.  But it could have been better.

Here is the video with explanation of the setup along with how i managed the trade