$TNGO Trade Review – Trading Earnings Breakdowns

$TNGO is a great example of an earnings/PR breakdown trade. My favorite type of plays are triggered by some type of press release or earnings announcement. We then look for a technical setup intraday to find a low risk entry – it can be long or short. These stocks tend to be in play for multiple days, so you end up with numerous opportunities to play it after the news comes out.

  • Short at $18.70
  • Cover 1/2 at $18.09
  • Cover last 1/2  at $17.46

And a second trade:

  • Short at $17.02
  • Cover 1/2 at $16.70
  • Cover last 1/2 at $16.46

If you’d like to learn more about trading the PR/Earnings setup, email me at kunal@bullsonwallstreet.com

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  1. I appreciate the trade review. It helps a lot to see the reason behind your trades. It helps me to participate in the chatroom by knowing what setups are good. I am beginning to feel more comfortable alerting stocks that I feel are worthwhile to others.

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