Trade Review RXII 7/12/2011

Hey guys this is  a trade review for RXII.  This is one of my fav daytrade setups.  Often in the right market conditions this flag pattern can actually run for multiple days and can be used as a swingsetup.  Due the heavy sell pressure in the markets  that day the setup got faded even though it had considerable relative volume which normally would tell us we got a big runner 20% plus.  Even so we entered this trade at 1.32 and within 1/2 hour it hit 1.46 which is a 10% gain and very quick.  So even in a soft market even though the setup didnt run the way i anticipated there is still profit too be made.  On  a day when the market indexes are down 2% across the board its a quick gain that we will still take anyday.

I got a bunch of other videos i need to upload will do during lunch or in the afternoon on the rest of the trades along with some educational videos on some indicators people asked about.

Dont forget webinar tonight!  check the blog for registration details

2 thoughts on “Trade Review RXII 7/12/2011”

  1. naah it thought it was gonna be epic! the market is fading these type of breakouts a bit more then ususal the past 3 days. that happens as market is in a range once we dip a bit more and reverse the breakouts should be more powerful


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