$OXGN Trade Review – Aligning on Multiple Time Frames

Here is a trade review for $OXGN.  This is a great example of a stock lining up on all time frames, which is a characteristic of the best breakouts. When playing breakouts, if you can get a breakout on an intraday time frame and a daily time frame you have a high probability trade with minimal obstacles.

Our setup on the daily was a range break with sector momentum. Our setup on the intraday was a miniflag/intraday breakout. We entered this stock at $1.17 and exited our last shares at $1.28.

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[screencast url=”http://screencast.com/t/TGmiSOBdRtx” width=”” height=””]



2 thoughts on “$OXGN Trade Review – Aligning on Multiple Time Frames”

  1. Whats your view on it now? Looks like there was no continuation… had a PB but seems it held its break out spot around 1.17ish …


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