Trade Review "How to Trade Sympathy Plays" SPWR JKS



Today based on what we saw in the solar sector using the ETF $tan we made numerous trades in solar stocks today that made us over 1k in profits.  Once the run started we entered a trade in $spwr and then followed by multiple trades in $jks in which our initial position was at 9.18 and we traded it back and forth and sold shares up to 9.68.  This is commonly referred to as a sympathy trade when a sector catches on fire you can often use stocks in the same sector as long as they have a technical setup and play them with the anticipation that they will rise.

We did good on thse trades but I didnt handle the $spwr trade the way it needed to leaving lot of profits on the table but I still give us a B+ we had the right entries and the right setups just the management needed a lot of work in terms of letting winners run and scaling out properly.


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