Trade Review AONE

This is a video trade review deconstructing our trade in AONE which we held for 1.5 days and netted on our last sale a 13% gain.  This is one of my favorite setups off a stock that has been decimated. usually when a stock gets  this low 1 piece of news can send it up 30-50% off its bottom in 1 big short squeeze.  After such a run a digestion/basing period is necessary which gives us when that period is completed a very low risk entry for a trade.

We entered this stock at 4.14 yesterday and sold our last shares at 4.69

6 thoughts on “Trade Review AONE”

  1. usually under the next level of support where i can find some base and then stick the stopunder there taht way if it retests it can still bounce from there without getting shaken out

  2. Good video. Feel like jumping off a bridge, fact I didn’t know the 20 MA and 50 MA were so important, wish I’d known that 3 months ago.


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