Trade Review ACAD

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Here is a trade revew in $acad .  This is one of my goto setups the Pr/Earnings Breakdown.  I use this setup everyday for many of years.  I love trading stocks that have a fresh catalyst as that gives it order flow independent to the market.  If you use charts and technicals these type of plays will make your stocks move cleaner and your patterns will break in a much smoother manner.  This is the same type of setup I have used on $bind that made me 5k in just 2 days along with hundreds of other winners!   Here are some of the other videos we have made detailing this setup


This is one of the top patterns I teach in our Trading Bootcamp.  Our trading bootcamp is designed to take students from A to Z on how to trade stocks.  Class starts March 24th email me if you have any questions.

Here is the syllabus to class


Here is the video on todays trade in $acad where I made 2000 dollars in the first hour of trading! then I took off to go surfing the rest f the day.  I would have held for the low of day cover but I wanted to go surfing! left 2k on the table!



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