How to Trade an Earnings Breakdown

We’ve been stuck in a tight trading range lately, so a lot of stocks aren’t moving very much. But the great thing about the momentum stocks I most like trading is that they aren’t dependent on the overall market being volatile. Instead, these stocks experience a fundamental catalyst, like some important piece of news or an earnings report, that brings in a ton of volume. I have a go-to list of stocks that have a history of going on big momentum runs; every day, I flip through this list and look for stocks that are moving. Rather than sitting and watching every tick in the market, I can trade these stocks and actually have an edge.

$GNC was one from yesterday – 10/27. On the daily chart, you can see that it’s been heading towards lows that it hasn’t hit in many years.


Then yesterday it gapped way down, due to bad earnings. I actually made two different trades on this. The first was an opening range trade. Oftentimes, when a stock gaps down this much, you’ll see a reaction spike back up. Generally, these spikes fail and the stock continues lower for a time. True to form, $GNC spiked up and then rolled over again at $17.50. I shorted in the $17.20 area, covering into the flush.


I continued to watch for a second opportunity. The stock climbed back up to the resistance level from earlier in the morning. When it rolled over, breaking that trendline, I entered again. Normally I’d scale out along the way but keep some lotto shares for the big homerun, but yesterday I had stuff to do in the afternoon so I just sold the entire position for a nice profit. To learn more about this trade, checkout the video HERE.

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