How To Trade Bounce Plays With Szaman

Another insane day in the chatroom today folks! Our very own Szaman called out a few monster trades to all members. Szaman is one of our Bullsonwallstreet head traders who calls out trades and moderates our chat! He’s in there every day to gives his opinion of any stocks you may be watching or give his two cents on any trading questions you may have. But did you know that he also sends a free daily watchlist to all subscribers? Then if he sees an opportunity in this trade, he’ll call them out to you in real time!

Bounce Plays in CLVS and ESPR

Today he called out a few great trades that he announced to all members as he was taking them. As the trade developed you had a chance to see what he does and learn from one of the best. Two trades that were on the blog were CLVS and ESPR that he called out the night before for a bounce play.

Pullback, CLVS

Szaman, CLVS

$CLVS was on watch for a bounce on the daily chart with support right at the $62.50 level. After putting in a double bottom right on the 50 day moving average, $CLVS recovered nicely and started showing strength. Once volume started pouring into the stock Szaman alerted members to enter at $62.20, and then a position add at $65.80. He sold his position at $64.

Pullback, ESPR

Szaman, ESPR

$ESPR was on watch for a 20 Day Moving Average bounce on the daily chart. Intraday, the stock showed support at the $34.50 level. When it started trending higher, Szaman called it out to members and entered the trade, scaling out as it moved up to $35.60.


Miss these moves? Subscribe to our newsletter, where we send trading lists of Szaman’s setups directly to you. But the best part is that if you join our chat, you can watch these exact stocks along with Szaman intraday. Then if he sees a great trade opportunity he’ll call out his entries and exits in real time. If you’re not sure of the setups and price patterns that we’re talking about you can learn them all here at our Bulls Bootcamp. It’s an intensive 60 day course to teach you exactly how I trade and why. To learn more or signup, email me at today!




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