Top Eight Vacation Spots of 2015

Is there anything better than sitting on a tropical beach, sipping a beer and letting the hours slip away? Yes! Sitting on a beach, sipping a beer and trading! This last year I traveled all over the world, including the US, Central America, South America, and Asia, and I traded the whole time. In no particular order, here are my top vacation spots of 2015.


Costa Rica has been one of my favorite vacation destinations for years. I first visited in 2013, when I took surfing lessons in Tamarindo. Since then, I’ve been back several times, exploring both coasts, and the rain forest interior.
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Notable Trade from Costa Rica Trip
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This was the first big trip of the year and my first time in South America! Colombia was wild, and made all the more fun by travelling with my trading buddy Cameron Fous. Checkout the view!


Notable Trade from Colombia Trip

April saw me back on the road with Cameron. This time, we hit up the Caribbean, including the Dominican Republic and St. Maarten. We had a blast swimming, checking out the beautiful beaches and exploring on foot and dune buggy.


Notable Trade from the Dominican Republic Trip

St Maarten was the other leg of our Caribbean tour – check it out!

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Notable Trades from St. Maarten Trip
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Check in later this week when I share the rest of my top vacation spots from 2015!



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