Thursday Night Study Session 2/9/2012

study session tonight

its open forum in our chatroom so you can bring your questions, charts, anything that you want to talk about.  Im seeing a lot of progress in the chatroom from many of you guys.  Your starting to pick up the system and the method and really locking down your trade plan.  But we still have much work to do and between this weekly study session and more webinars/videos hopefully we will all be able to accomplish our trading goals.  Its very important if you are learning or having trouble or even doing great that you take advantage of these times.





this will be a weekly thing.  Im having it in the chatroom instead of webinar so that we can have group particpation but also so that those that are working or doing family things can still hop in from their iphones or ipads and participate.

NO EXCUSES FOLKS! i get a lot of emails from people everyday asking for help on their trades and things that happen to them. When i ask them if they watched the webinars or any of the videos they almost  always say no!  we need to be constantly learning and improving our game.

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    • Yes, on the page where you click to get to the Boom Room. there is a link to ‘archive’, use that to get to that days transcript, the study session is at the end of the days trading activity.


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