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Out of this world calls

Just started the free trial, must say its been a trip. Calls made everyday whether the markets are up down or flat. Most importantly are the coaching and education aspects. BOWS team is really putting together something special. @kunal00 is more than willing to help 1 on 1, answer any questions, and teach the tricks of the trade to be profitable and really make trading a viable source of good solid income. Props!"

"I’ve been swing/day trading for a couple of years now. Semi-successful, with very limited results. However. this year was an exception; got burned a few times and the market made me skeptical until I was stalking a few tickers when I saw Kunal’s tweets. The speed, agility and momentum of his setups were amazing. The simplest method of describing his trading style is like merging an octopus with speed and a savvy floor trader."

"The Krav Maga of Trading Education.

I LOVE Bulls on Walls Street! The education I have received is nothing short of amazing. Kunals “REAL”, and down to earth approach to teaching is something you just don’t find very often. His ability to explain things speaks to his vast knowledge of the business.

In addition the customer service provided by BOWS has been fantastic. Every single day any and all questions are answered, the responsiveness of Kunal and his team is incredible.

Bulls on Wall Street is the “KRAV MAGA” of the trading education genera. In others words, there is no wasted time or energy. It’s all in your face, practical techniques that get the job done quickly and effectively."
-Billy See

"The energy is contagious

I recently bought a 4 day class from bullsonwallstreet. I must say I didnt expect much over the course of a 4 day class but I was very impressed. Kunal the first night spoke for 4 hours nearly till midnight.

Thank you for the great information and the passionate presentation of the tools for technical trading during this first day of Trading BootCamp. I’ve always been extremely influenced in my interest for a subject by the enthusiasm of the teacher and their presentation of the material, and your style has been very encouraging in my desire to explore the stock market. Your individual assessment of everyone’s questions, concern for whether or not they’re learning, attention to good manners, and undeniable energy do not go unnoticed so thanks for bringing them to this class.

I’m looking forward to the next three classes and will most certainly be getting involved with BOWS and the day-trading world, it seems like a really cool game of math, patterns, and human behavior.

-Kenny D

"Let go of your Ego and Join Bulls on Wall Street

started trading in the BOWS chat room since January 2012 after trying numerous other services like InvestorsLive and TimSykes. Hands down, for my personality and style, his trading method and his personality fit mine, and it was really easy to understand how he traded after a couple of months. I started to grasp his technique and had a good eye for stocks that would be potential huge gainers. I was primarily a swing-trader since I started (at 19 years old now 23) but after taking BOWS BOOTCAMP, I’ve finally come to understand the dynamics of this game.

I was struggling in July and August after having a record month of June. I thought I was the sh*t and I wanted to make big KUNAL $$$$. That’s when my recklessness took hold of my trading and my discipline went straight out the back door. I became very emotional and was very stressed that I lost everything I had made in the summer in just 1 month. I knew I needed to tweak my game, I was missing something… I put my ego aside and took the bootcamp. If I hadn’t my account would be busto by now!

Trust me, for all those who have a huge ego, especially if you’re Korean, if you ever want to tweak your game, join BOWS BOOTCAMP! It’s as good as gold! Kunal goes over everything you need to know to become a successful daytrader– in any market! I’ve become so disciplined, been inching profits almost everyday, and soon I know I’ll make it rain $$$$. Gangnam-style!

Kunal, I truly thank you for your services, the chatroom and the bootcamp, it would’ve been a disservice if you weren’t around, there isn’t anyone else I know who’s as good a teacher and trader, as you!
-Lee Boa

Very Professional & Profitable Group of Traders

I’ve been following Kunal on Twitter for trade ideas since the summer of 2011. I regularly watched his Boom Boom vids and was very impressed with his knowledge in the markets. I was blown away by his consistent picks earning 10, 20,30 or even 100%. I’ve never come across anyone who could make so much money trading a relatively small account, which likely amounts to a several hundred percent annual return.

I signed up for the Bulls chatroom a couple of months ago. Kunal, Szaman, and Maribeth are very patient, professional, and knowledgable, taking the time to answer everyone’s questions. Not sure how they’re able to field so many questions all day while still finding high quality setups. Truly a great place to learn. For any new traders out there you’ll really be fast-tracking your trading career by joining. I wish I found this chatroom 2 years ago when I first began trading full time, I would have become profitable much sooner. Kunal trades for income and finds opportunities in all market conditions.

Kunal has a knack for simplifying a complex subject. I decided to sign up for his Bootcamp training session, as I felt I can learn a lot from his experience as a trader. The course materials were excellent. All relevant and up to date, much of the material is not covered in any books (I know I’ve got over 200 books on trading). He covers all aspects of trading including very important subjects like trader psychology, risk management, and high probability setups that work in all markets. The course is 16 sessions long offered by live webinar and he takes as much time as needed to answer any questions after. In addition for the next month we’ll be meeting a few times a week after the market close to review trades, look for setups, and Q&A.

Kunal even offered an additional session just focused on Trading Discipline after I sent him a long winded email about how my biggest problem as a trader was lack of discipline. This part of the course I found most helpful, as he gave us some tips on how to trade with greater discipline by journaling and pairing us up with another trader. So now I have a private chat going with another trader which has kept me focused and out of trouble. I feel more accountable if I’m sharing my trades and don’t want to look foolish by making low probability, impulsive trades.

This course has definitely made me a better trader as my results speak for themselves. I’ve only had 1 losing day since taking the course over a month ago, and have been averaging 1-2% returns every day. Highly recommended!
-Chris Michael"

"Knowledgable and keep it real

From the start, they teach you the basics and work in the more advanced stuff the further along you go. Very good 16 day boot camp course on trading stocks. If you miss a class everything is recorded so you can watch the courses on your own time schedule. You’ll love what you learn"
-Nick B

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