Real-Time Charting

Real-Time Simulator

Interactive Watch-List Integration

Custom Tailored Price Alerts

TC2000 makes it easy to find a subscription which suits you

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With TC2000, you have endless customization options with your charting software. From having custom coded indicators, to changing the visual layout and apperance of your chart, TC2000 does it all and more to make your platform have the cleanest look for your technical analysis with trading.

Never miss a beat with TC's streaming scans custom tailored to your protocols for the type of stocks you want to come up on your radar. Filter by categories like price, net change, industry, latest float, or percentage gain. Condense your research and filter thousands of stocks with the click of a button.

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Wanting to improve your trading without putting your money on the line quite yet? TC's simulator is fully functioning and allows you to use their interactive sim platform right on your charts. So you can see, analyze, and act all in one window. Remove the noise and multiple running programs and streamline your sim trading all on one chart. Plus, export your trades to your favorite trading grader and back test your results to find weaknesses and common variables to cut from your trading thats hurting your profitability.

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Track Stock Entries and Exit Points

Automatic calculation of profit and losses

Easily import your stock trades from your broker / trading simulator

Responsive platform for mobile users

Available on IOS and Android

Gain depth to your data. Understand visually what is happening to your trading system.

Gain depth to your data. Understand visually what is happening to your trading system.

Identify patterns of common variables affecting your trading performance negatively

Utilize your insights to focus your trading on what is working for you as a trader

Interactive daily and intraday charting of trade executions

Upload personal screenshots and files to trades to provide more insight and context to your trades

Track commissions and fees by entering it in manually, importing, or setting up your own rules

Share your trading performance, journal, and specific trades with your trading peers or mentors to receive feedback on your trading