Swing Watch List Update

With today’s overall strong market gains, it’s no surprise that many of the stocks on the watch list were triggered.  My concern exiting the day was on two fronts – volume and day-long fade.   SPY finished fairly well, however, so we’ll just have to wait and see if this market reversal is sustainable.  Side note.. big POMO day tomorrow, with few economic data points being released.

Tuesday’s Earnings Schedule:

Company Name/Symbol Period Ending Consensus EPS Year Ago Actual
Adobe Systems Inc (ADBE) Q1 2/1/11 $0.570 $0.400
Carnival Corporation (CCL) Q1 2/1/11 $0.190 $0.220
Cintas Corporation (CTAS) Q3 2/1/11 $0.360 $0.320
Commercial Metals Company (CMC) Q2 2/1/11 -$0.07 -$1.19
Discover Financial Services (DFS) Q1 2/1/11 $0.540 -$0.22
Dollar General Corp (DG) Q4 1/1/11 $0.590 $0.510
Fsi International (FSII) Q2 2/1/11 $0.100 $0.020
G-III Apparel Group LTD (GIII) Q4 1/1/11 $0.570 $0.400
Harry Winston Diamond Corp (HW) Q4 1/1/11 $0.070 -$0.04
Harry Winston Diamond Corp (HWD) Q4 1/1/11 $0.030 -$0.04
Jabil Circuit Incorporated (JBL) Q2 2/1/11 $0.510 $0.290
Neogen Corp (NEOG) Q3 2/1/11 $0.210 $0.170
Resverlogix Corp (RVX) Q3 1/1/11 -$0.12 -$0.21
Schiff Nutrition International I (WNI) Q3 2/1/11 $0.130 $0.200
Sonic Corp (SONC) Q2 2/1/11 $0.030 -$0.01
Walgreen Co (WAG) Q2 2/1/11 $0.800 $0.680

Stocks still swinging from previous entries:

DE – new stop set at 90.44

CAT – new stop set at 106.50

Stocks triggering buys today:
Keep in mind that if a stock gapped big over my targeted entry, then I don’t consider it a buy.  A good example from today was CRIS.  I had a long entry targeted for $3, but it gapped way above and never offered a good trade.

EMC – Finished the day on R3 support after break above tight triangle.

LAVA – Great looking swing chart. Stop 6.24

IT – Moved out of triangle. Stop 39.25

TTI – Stop set at 14.43.  However, I’m concerned about volume relative to Fridasy

FTO – Stop at 27.50

EXEL – Stop at 11.35

MTZ – Stop at 20.33



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